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C e n t e r   f o r   t h e   a r t s

Mission Statement

MUSE – Mastering Unique Self Expression.

MUSE Center for the Arts is primarily an interdisciplinary performing arts program providing curriculum in the areas of Dance, Theatre and Music for students age 3 - adults. MUSE provides an expressive outlet for individuals with a passion and commitment to performing arts. MUSE is a pre-professional level program with a focus on developing artists and performers from the inside out. Students at MUSE are given the tools necessary to fully express their deepest creative drive and imagination. Those that finish the program possess professional level technique, self confidence and the poise necessary to succeed not only in the arts, but in life. 

Regardless of the subject or specific style, all classes share one goal: to build craft and technique and encourage a life-long love of the arts. Although we provide a pre-professional level of training, our classes are always infused with the pure joy of creative expression. 

MUSE is a community-minded program. Ongoing evening and weekend events invite the community and the student body to explore the arts together.